About TEM

Tau Epsilon Mu was chartered as a Tri​-Ess chapter on July 15, 2000.  The Tri-Ess presence in Minnesota had been earlier established in the mid 1990's by another chapter, Beta Gamma.  Beta Gamma was disolved in mid 2000.  TEM seeks to build on the groundwork laid by that chapter and expand on it's accomplishments.

Tau Epsilon Mu is an affiliate of Tri-Ess International, an association of heterosexual / dual-gendered crossdressers and their families and seeks to support them and educate them and the community in which we live about crossdressing.

The Tri-Ess philosophy can best be understood using the acronym F.I.B.E.R

 F.​     Full personality expression in both its masculine and feminine aspects.  We do not wish           to destroy our masculinity, but to soften its harsher aspects, and be all we can be.

​I.     Integration of masculinity and femininity to create a happier whole person.

B.     Balance between masculinity and femininity.

E.     Education of crossdressers and their families toward self-acceptance; education of                 society toward accepting crossdressing people.

​R.     Relationship-building in the context of crossdressing.

Each month we may meet several times.  We gather once for our regular business meeting, at which we usually have a pot luck supper and sometimes a presenter.  These presenters can be specialists in presentation, psychologists, clergy, police, legal advocates, community activists or any other people who we think may have something to contribute to our mutual understanding.  Some of us also get together socially in an accepting venue (we have yet to find anyplace unaccepting)such as restaurants, theater, museums or other public venues.  Some of our families get together for non-crossdressed functions.  We also participate with other gender groups in the Twin Cities for joint activities such as the annual Pride festival.

Additionally, some of our members engage in outreach to the community, whether to schools, therapists associations or other professional organizations.  Some engage in outreach simply by going out in the community and expressing their second self.

If you or a loved one are  a crossdresser, we would invite you to join us.  Please click on "Contacts" and we will be in touch in a discrete and private way

This is NOT a group or site for dating, hookups or any other sexual conduct.