I understand that Tau Epsilon Mu is a member chapter of Tri-Ess, and as such is a local gathering of Tri-ess members.  I pledge to maintain my membership in Tri-Ess as long as I expect to be a member of Tau Epsilon Mu Chapter.

I understand the need to protect the security and confidentiality of my fellow members, and that violation of this security will not be tolerated.

Photography is permitted only if the photographer gets the permission of the person('s) being photographed.  Any photographs taken will not be for public display.

I understand that sexual or moral behavior deemed inappropriate by Tau Epsilon Mu will not be tolerated.

I understand that any speech, behavior or dress which is clearly offensive to members or their families is forbidden.  When in public, a members presentation will be either 100% feminine or 100% masculine, no mixing of the two.  This also would include the presence of facial hair when enfemme.

I understand the policy regarding alcohol, weapons and drugs as explained in the Tau Epsilon Mu Bylaws, Article X, paragraph 2 and paragraph 3.

I understand that as a family-oriented support group, Tau Epsilon Mu welcomes spouses, families and children at its meetings.

I will ignore any discussion which defames any gender organization or any differently gendered person and will not take part in it, nor will  I initiate it.

I pledge that if I ever decide to actively pursue an identity other than "heterosexual / dual gendered crossdresser", I will convert my membership to the appropriate "Friends of Tri-Ess" and "Supporting Member of Tau Epsilon Mu Chapter" status.

I understand that violations of the Tau Epsilon Mu pledge and bylaws will be grounds for expulsion as stated in ARTICLE VIII, paragraph E.